Houses that are close to railway tracks are more affordable so, many people tend to build or buy a place near a railway track. Although it’s affordable, this is a bad idea as they can cause several issues, some of which are listed below.

Here’s why!!

• A decrease in property value

So, you found a great place but it’s close to a railway track and you think that’s fine because it’s pretty cheap? Well think again, the cost of this place would further decrease with time so in future, if you are selling the place, you might not be able to recuperate even half of what you spent in buying so it’s not really a good investment.

• Constant loud noise

This is a given, you would have to learn to get used to these sounds all day, it’s going to be hard for you and your kids to focus on your work. Modern trains are quieter than the old ones, but the noise made by the train cars can be as bad, so, you can’t really bring guests into this place due to deep annoying sounds made every now and then.

• It affects the foundation

What makes it worse, in addition to the above point is that the constant vibrations made by trains can weaken the foundation of the house. No matter how strong the foundation is, the powerful vibrations would cause some kind of structural integrity. Before buying you might have to get a professional contractor opinion on restumping a house near the tracks with a strong durable material.

There are other ways to check if the house’s foundation is in good condition if you don’t want to call an expert right away. Check the place for cracks, misaligned doors, windows that are unable to close properly and sloped floors, if any of these are there then chances are that the place would need a house restumping Melbourne. You have to call an expert and get it checked and fixed if you still plan on buying or living there.

Moreover, this can also affect you mentally and in terms of health. Studies conducted by Mayo Clinic shows that children living here are at an increased risk of developing asthma due to pollution caused by the engines. Another issue is that children living close to the tracks tend to play near or on the tracks thus increasing the risk of getting hit by a train. If you still plan on buying it, take some necessary precautions such as making sure that the tracks are fenced. The further away from the tracks the lesser risk of damage, try to get a place that’s at least 3 miles away from the tracks to minimize the damage.

You Should Never Buy A House Close To Train Tracks

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