We have entered in the twenty first century where we have been introduced with some of the best technologies and discoveries. These inventions have made our lives easier in so many ways. We have become dependent upon these inventions in one way or another. Some of these inventions have become our needs and necessities while others are used as accessories. Man has also been trying to make such things which can be used as an alternative to the naturally existing things. Let us take an example of a synthetic grass which is manufactured to replace the naturally existing grass. There is the latest trend of using EPDM granule surfacing is going on which has proved to be beneficial in different ways. We will be discussing about the various advantages of EPDM granule surfacing. 

EPDM granule surfacing:

Man has advanced so much in every sphere of life. He has made such things which not only enhance the value of already existing things but also have discovered the alternatives for naturally existing things. Let us take an example of synthetic grass which is made synthetically to fulfil the requirements of the natural grass with some additional benefits. Another such discovery is of EPDM granule which used as a surfacing material for various places especially playgrounds.

EPDM is basically the abbreviation used for the synthetic rubber which goes as the ethylene propylene dyne monomer. This rubber is used for various commercial and industrial applications. One such use of this EPDM rubber is in the making of the surfacing material. Most commonly, ethylene propylene dyne monomer granule surfacing is used in playgrounds and children’s rooms. Besides that it is also seen in areas where aged people live.

Various advantages of EPDM granule surfacing:

EPDM granule surfacing has proved to be advantageous for so many reasons. First of all, it provides the protective surface area where children can play around easily without the fear of getting hurt because this EPDM granule is made in such a way that it does not give a chance for a person to twist his foot and even if he does so then the double protective layer of the surfacing prevents the person from getting hurt. This is the reason that this surfacing is also used in old homes. Moreover, EPDM granule surfacing is highly resistant to different weather conditions, which is why it can be laid outside as well as inside room.


EPDM granule surfacing is the abbreviation used for ethylene propylene dyne monomer granule surfacing.  This surfacing is most commonly seen in children’s area, play ground and old homes. It provides smooth area for a person to walk upon. Moreover, even if a person falls down, it double layer does not allow the person to get hurt. In addition to that, the vibrant colour in which it is available makes it even more attractive. “Wet pour safety surface solutions” offers the best quality of EPDM granule surfacing.

Various Advantages Of EPDM Granule Surfacing