It’s always a good idea to have a separate guest house just for your guests. It doesn’t matter how close they are to you, it’s going to feel pretty uncomfortable for both parties when guests live in your house. Home is the one place you can be really comfortable in, it’s your personal space, so having someone living in that is like an invasion of your personal space.

The advantages

1. It increases your property valueThis goes without saying, anything you add to your house will increase your property value, but having a guest house within your property is similar to having two houses within reach of the other. This will definitely pay off when you are selling the place.2. It doesn’t have to be just for guestsYou aren’t going to have guests in your house throughout the year, during these times you can convert it into a game room for your children. Furthermore, there would be days where you would want a break from your children or spouses, so during these times, you can use it as your own personal space.3. You can rent itThis is probably the biggest pros involved in owning a guest house. You can always give it for rent when it’s not in use. This way you get to recuperate some of the money you spent in building it in the first place.This does not mean that having a guest house won’t have its disadvantages. There are a few things to consider before you start making plans with the builders Ulladulla to build the guest house. Building a guest house is basically like building a mini house. Apart from the building costs, you would have to do things like furnishing and paying off the extra utility charges as well.

An alternative would be to find a house and land package deal, this way you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding suitable furniture items or the extra utility bills. The house would come furnished and would come with a separate billing which your guests can pay off. Ensure that the guest house is near your property so that it will be easily accessible for both parties. Another issue that comes to play is that now that you own a separate place just for guests, your guests wouldn’t have second thoughts about visiting more often. This is fine if you are a people person, but if you are not, then this can get quite annoying. Moreover, you would have to regularly maintain the house when guests aren’t there, you would have to keep tabs on the place and ensure that everything is in order.

The Pros And Cons Of Building A Guest House

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