A home is so much more than a pile of bricks and beams, it’s an expression of a person’s interests. Personal tastes and preferences are reflected through elements as simple as a welcome mat to the very architectural design of the house. Designing a house is an extremely personal and comprehensive process that involves continuous input from people with experience in designing and constructing houses. Modern design is a term that’s often used interchangeably with contemporary design, however a modern home is one characterized by clean lines, a simple color scheme and the use of materials such as glass, steel and metal.

The design

Functionality is what modern houses are based on, thereby stressing on elements such as minimalism and technology. This means that innovative technology and its gadgets are incorporated seamlessly into different aspects of the house, while remaining hidden within its stylish interiors. A distinctive streamlined look is a feature observed in almost all modern houses. A modern house is the embodiment of minimalism, ensuring that even the smallest of elements, such as furniture, reflect a sense of simplicity. For example, best frameless glass balustrade are used as an alternative option to traditional balcony borders. They aren’t just stylish but is modern and incorporates the signature clear, crisp lines of modern design.


Modern design is one that brings light into the house with ease. It incorporates both natural and artificial lighting to create a translucent look. Therefore, in order to let as much natural lighting into the house, most houses typically use glass windows. While it’s certainly up to the homeowners to decide how much light they want inside the house, most modern houses tend to opt for larger windows capable of letting in as much natural light as possible. It’s also not uncommon for modern houses to have glass walls in living rooms and lounge areas.


It’s quite easy to identify a modern home with its many unique features. Another telltale sign of a modern house is its color palette. The color scheme of a modern home is usually biased towards neutral colors, with bright bold accents. Modern houses rarely use pastel colors, but this is again up to the homeowner to choose, as long as the colors complement each other and carry a consistent theme throughout the house. Common colors used in modern homes are white, silver, cream, brown, blue and gray.

Here’s How To Transform Your Next House To An Ultra-modern Home

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