Concrete retaining walls



The concrete retaining walls in perth offer a lot of strength and durability. The construction of these walls is a little challenging, but the experts will handle it well. There are a lot of versatile options that can be availed on these walls. You can color them with vibrant themes while they can be textured or embedded according to your requirements. Many customization options can be used for these concrete walls, and you can choose the material of your choice too. Before designing the perfect retaining walls, the designers will ensure that you select the correct size and shape. Retaining walls are an ideal choice if you are planning to install a waterproof or drainage system inside the commercial building. These walls will hold soil quantities very well, and the nearby plants or flowerbeds will remain protected. The ground will remain fertile and saved from erosion.


How thick should a concrete retaining wall be?


The solid retaining walls will be built well if proper dimensions and structure type is chosen. The walls usually are thicker than the standard walls, but other things will vary according to the variety and reactivity of soils. However, most contractors believe that the concrete wall should be at least 12 inches wide in length. The wall’s depth should remain at the base keeping it two feet away from the frost line. If the climate is cold, the walls will be constructed much more profound than usual. The thickness of the wall needs to be checked for the cantilever and counterfort walls. The retaining walls feature a footing key, and it will prevent the soil from erosion while the area will also become resistant to sliding. The vertical and horizontal joints will keep the concrete in good shape. Even if the concrete shrinks with time, the durability of the wall will not get affected.


Drainage of concrete retaining walls


It is very much necessary to have a complete drainage system for the concrete retaining walls. The rainwater and groundwater will drain and not get collected at a particular place. There will be no pressure on the wall, and it will remain in good shape for a long time to come. If the walls are enormous, at least four inches of weep holes are created, and slide resistance is also increased. The drainage should remain uniform at the base of the retaining wall. If the drainage goes well, it will eliminate the issues for the lawns and yards. Your plants, shrubs, and trees are protected, and the poured concrete walls will offer an excellent finishing touch. The concrete retaining walls will go well with modern architecture, but it may be challenging to install.

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